Q What time is check-in/check-out?

A Guests may check-in between 14:00 and 23:00. Check-out is until 11:00.
   Guests may extend the check-out hour until 13:00 (extra charge).

Q Does the hotel provide luggage storage prior to checking-in and after checking-out?

A Yes. We provide luggage storage free of charge. In the case of sending luggage prior to check-in,
   we ask that guests write their names and their accommodation date on the invoice.

Q Does the hotel provide free shuttle busses?

A Unfortunately, we do not provide shuttle busses.

Q  Is there a parking lot?

A Yes, there is a parking lot situated across from the hotel. Guests are able to use it free of charge.
   Please present the parking ticket at the reception desk. (Parking lot hours: 7:00AM–0:00AM)
 There is a 2.2M height restriction. Please note that there is no available parking for vehicles higher than this restriction.

Q  Is there a restaurant?

A Yes, however, we only provide breakfast. It is free of charge for all guests.
   There are cup noodles and snacks sold within the hotel as well.

Q Is there a laundromat?

A Yes, there are 2 washing machines and 2 drying machines located on the 6th floor of the hotel.

Q What is the cancellation policy at the hotel?

A For any cancellations received on the day of your intended stay, we charge a 100% cancellation fee. Similarly, in the event of a no-show, we will charge a 100% cancellation fee. We charge 0% for any cancellations received prior to the day of your intended stay. For groups with more than 8 people, there is a cancellation fee for any cancellations received less than a week from the day of your intended stay.